14 juin 2006

Work in progress

I haven't finished anything since the scarf. I have too many projets at the same time. I should concentrate on just one! I started a sweater for my boyfriend PL. It's from Bergère de France, I only have half the back done... My other projet at the moment is the Birch. The picture I have was taken three weeks ago, I have almost finished it now. I'll post a picture later when it's done.
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14 juin 2006

Mom's scarf

One day this winter I went shopping with my mother. We stopped by a Zellers because I'm addicted to the yarn section and I need to browse through the skins evertime I get there. My mom fell in love with a black and red yarn, that has a fur aspect: She asked if I could knit her a scarf. Mom doesn't knit anymore because it gives her pain in the shoulders. She is the one who thaught me the basics. Here is the scarf, once finished. (Forget the roll of toilet paper in the picture, I had to take the picture in the bathroom)
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14 juin 2006

First project since I started blogging

There it is the non fabulous "White". It was easy to knit, but the result came out really bad. The body is too large, the neck too, and the arms are too small. Look for yourself: Flash dance version!: The picture does not show the uglyness of the shirt. My boyfriend told me that I knitted myself a pregnancy shirt...
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14 juin 2006

Here we go!

I've been looking at a few knitting blogs (in english) today and I realized how long it has been since I wrote something in english. I mean something more than a quick and short email to a client. I am loosing my english skills! (If I have some) For those who don't know me, I'm a french speaker girl from Quebec, south of Quebec city. I'm an accountant, but as I read somewhere today, I'd rather be knitting :) I'll try to keep this blog as a carbon copy of my french one (http://isanou.canalblog.com) but in english! So, enjoy. ... [Lire la suite]
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