10 août 2006

I finished kaki's back this week: The front is going great. I love doing the cables, it looked really harder than it is. Now I'm addicted I am new to cables world and I love it! Here is a close up Strange but none of the pictures look the same color.Just so you know the real color looks like the first picture. I also received a nice package! A gift from my "poligodmother" !
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10 août 2006

Finished ponchette!

Here are the pictures:
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10 août 2006

Another recon

A t-shirt this time! When I went to Les Jeux du Commerce in Rimouski last year we received the official t-shirt of the games, in LARGE, really too big for me: Here's the t-shirt after a few alterations:
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10 août 2006

A little bit of sewing

I had an old pair of jeans. My favorite jeans, but one night I discovered this: A nice hole! I thought this was the occasion to try reconstructing them. Since I visited craftster for the first time, I had a lot of ideas about things to do with old clothes. Here's a look of the jeans before transformation: After a few cuts jeans were now pieces of fabric and then they started to look like that: (photographer: Mr P-L) There is still a hole near the back pocket, I took off the original pockets and I will try... [Lire la suite]
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